This Code of Conduct describes guidelines for ethical conduct that all Exsell employees and representatives must comply with if they act on behalf of the company. The code of conduct is intended as a broad and clear explanation of the fundamental rules of conduct that, wherever Exsell does business in the world, are expected from every employee.

Exsell expects the code of conduct to be supported with a good dose of common sense and correct judgment. And although laws may differ from country to country, our values and the requirements set out in this code of conduct are universal.

Ethical code
Exsell’s reputation is based on the behavior of its employees. We assume that every employee and representative associated with Exsell contributes to maintaining the good reputation of the company. We apply the following rules and values:

  • Exsell assumes that employees perform their duties based on their best, objective insight into all matters in which Exsell is involved.
  • We apply high quality standards to our services, with which we can guarantee the quality and applicability of our services. Our employees are hired with an appropriate level of education and are offered learning days with which they can keep their knowledge and services at a good level. We apply high standards in the technological area, whereby we also hire external specialists to guarantee these standards, and we are affiliated with relevant branch organizations, such as the DDMA.
  • Exsell maintains high integrity standards. Both to our employees and to our customers and suppliers.
  • We stand for equal, respectful and fair treatment of everyone, while maximizing the potential of our employees.
  • The property of Exsell and of our customers are only used for the company and the customer respectively.
  • Every employee must comply with the laws and regulations when making business decisions and in his / her actions. Actions in the field of legislation and regulations are, where necessary, tested and investigated with the help of external legal specialists.
  • Exsell and its employees do not give gifts of significant value that could affect the fair, business relationship between the company and other persons or entities, nor do they accept it from other partners. No form of bribery or influence in this direction is accepted.

Information security and privacy policy

Exsell uses data in its services, logically resulting from data analysis as a core activity. This may also include privacy-sensitive data files. The data from Exsell and our customers are only used for the company and the customer respectively. We apply the GDPR guidelines and treat the data shared with Exsell confidentially and in accordance with the latest standards. This is further described in our Information Security and Privacy Policy that is available upon request.

 Exsell complies with all applicable relevant laws and regulations, including:

  • General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR/AVG)
  • Archive Act
  • Copyright Act
  • Criminal Law

Policy code for transparency and independence

  • All company resources are recorded in the company’s books and archives.
  • No false, fictional or misleading items are entered in the company’s books and archives.
  • Exsell and its employees do not do business with significant value that could affect the honest, business relationship between the company and other individuals or entities.

Exsell as an employer

  • Our employees are suitably trained, have an adult age and are appropriately rewarded for this in accordance with the standards, values as well as regulations and guidelines applicable in the Netherlands.
  • Exsell operates office hours from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on work days, leading to a 40-hour work week. However, this is flexibly implemented in line with modern employership, but also with our role as business service provider to our clients, which leads to both flexibility in working hours and work location. Overtime can occur at peak times, but is not the norm. We stand for a healthy work / private balance for our employees.
  • Our office offers a good workplace, in which Employment conditions are used.
  • Employees and partners are approached and rewarded on an equal basis. In this way men and women with the same function and experience are rewarded equally. No distinction is made on other backgrounds either.
  • Work processes and guidelines are documented and shared with our employees.
  • If an employee is confronted with a situation that is undesirable given guidelines, based on personal integrity considerations or something else related to the working relationship, then employees are encouraged to report this. Procedures have been established for this purpose.

Exsell and RFB Intelligence are trade names of DIV B.V. The above statement applies regardless of the trade name in which the organization or its employees act.

Last updated: May 25, 2018.


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