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We act on insights from data and to be able to do that, structuring data is crucial. Based on the many customers in various segments that we have already been able to help, we have seen many databases and structures. We have translated this knowledge into procedures with which we can read, clean, structure and enrich data. Where data preparation is normally 80% of the work, we can make the difference here.
The result: better data as a basis, lower investment and more time to work on sharp insights.



By analyzing and enriching your data we will reveal relevant target audiences, best propositions to offer and effective contact strategies. We specialize in these three areas and have built sustainable experience and numerous best practies. This enables us to make a real difference and add insights to develop your commercial success.


Analysis is just a means, your result our objective. Based on insights we will support your marketing and sales in making better decisions in targeting and content. We work fact based and don’t take anything for granted. Together with you we will translate data driven insights into effective actions. We won’t stop after an initial project, but periodically evaluate results in order to find potential for improvements.


We specialize in B2B. Complexity of companies and DMU-structures are different in B2B compared to B2C. Our data models, algorithms and experience are optimized for B2B. Our Intelligence Factory unlocks B2B best practices.


We structure your data, apply advanced analytics and design contact strategies to get you more leads, conversions and satisfied customers. Our Intelligence Factory offers many best practice predictive models to reveal relevant target audiences, next best offers to make and effective treatments.

Burgemeester Burgerslaan 40A,
5245 NH Rosmalen, The Netherlands

+31 88 - 732 40 00


Since 2014 we help our customers to improve their commercial results by predictive models and contact strategy design. In addition to insights we support our customers by designing, executing and improving their contact strategy in order to get the best results.

    Result driven

    Proven Best Practices

    Data driven

    B2B specialist


    Of course we will treat your data with care. We apply the highest data security standards, which is confirmed by certifications.

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