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Today is an important day for us. We leave the RedFoxBlue network and introduce our new name: Exsell. In 2014 we have launched RFB Intelligence within the RedFoxBlue network. We have been working on data driven marketing and sales approaches to improve marketing and sales results of our customers. We have been developing rapidly in propositions, customer base and team. Today is an important milestone in that development: we will separate from RFB and continue as Exsell.

Why this change?

Since the beginning, we already helped more than 100 customers by revealing relevant target audiences, potential of propositions and effectiveness of marketing mix. RedFoxBlue is a franchise combining data, process and people. While this network has been very helpful, it also introduced some limitations in the development of our data analytics. In order to maintain focus on our core business and to speed up the aforementioned development, we leave the RFB network and continue as Exsell, while maintaining a close relationship with one another. With our focus on data driven sales we expect to develop and to be able to service our customers in an even better way.

What’s in a name?

The name Exsell combines multiple aspects for us:

  • We want to help our customers to excel in data driven sales.
  • Our objective is to increase sales results, which is reflected in the name as well.
  • Of course, Excel is also a famous software program, which is still being used a lot for data analysis. 😉

Our core business is to structure your data, apply advanced analytics to reveal target audiences, propositions and marketing mix. We will generate actionable insights and actively help to translate insights in effective contact strategies and bottom-line impact.

Today is the start of a new chapter for us. Thanks to your support and trust in us it has been a great journey so far. We are looking forward to a great new phase in our development. We’re hoping to support you successfully for a long time to come.


We structure your data, apply advanced analytics and design contact strategies to get you more leads, conversions and satisfied customers. Our Intelligence Factory offers many best practice predictive models to reveal relevant target audiences, next best offers to make and effective treatments.

Burgemeester Burgerslaan 40A,
5245 NH Rosmalen, The Netherlands

+31 88 - 732 40 00


Since 2014 we help our customers to improve their commercial results by predictive models and contact strategy design. In addition to insights we support our customers by designing, executing and improving their contact strategy in order to get the best results.

    Result driven

    Proven Best Practices

    Data driven

    B2B specialist


    Of course we will treat your data with care. We apply the highest data security standards, which is confirmed by certifications.

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